Internet of Things

State-of-the-art IoT smart sensor security

Secure your IoT smart sensor application with SIMON (Secure IoT Module for Online Networks). SIMON’s uniqueness allows urban planners and system integrators to implement from scratch or upgrade their existing sensor infrastructure with a state-of-the-art smart sensor module that handles data acquisition, algorithms & analytics and security in a single compact module. The flexible security models allow for protection of data up to military grade, and provides complete peace of mind to any organisation involved in public infrastructure maintenance, such as Water, Rail and smart cities.


Secure remote firmware updates.

Programmable algorithms (filters, control blocks and room for specialised implementations).

Ideal for preventive maintenance and data reduction: SIMON ‘manages the sensor’ and sends data to the master only when necessary.

Easily upgrade legacy sensor systems with 21st century security and advanced data analytics.

HSM (hardware security module) – high degree of protection due to encryption keys stored in secured memory.

Anti-tampering technology.

KeyTalk asymmetric keys and X509 certificates.

Flexible security models (TLS or PGP) depending on the level of security required.

Typical application

ECG biomedical smart sensors

ASN’s filtering solutions help you clean your ECG data by safely removing tricky unwanted components, such as 50/60Hz powerline interference, baseline wander and measurement noise without significantly affecting the important biometric information present in the signal.

Advanced algorithms and intuitive tooling allow designers to easily fine-tune the filters to their exact requirement on real datasets within minutes, and is ideal for anybody looking to implement sports and fitness or patient vital signs measurement devices with a high degree of certainty on Arm Cortex-M devices.

Typical filtering result

Public infrastructure

IoT sensors have become an everyday part of our life, whether a smart thermostat, fridge or a smart energy meter, sensor data must be first cleaned and analysed in order to make reliable decisions. These challenges have been further complicated by the popularity of smart cities, as public infrastructure urban planners are faced with a prolific amount of sensor data as well as concerns posed by hackers or terrorists who may hijack a system and cause chaos. In all cases, security and data integrity are paramount in providing public infrastructure systems with both control and credible information that can be acted upon.

Preventative maintenance programme

Due to tightening of budgets and the overall high cost associated with maintaining a water, rail or smart city infrastructure, huge cost savings as well as less public inconvenience can be achieved with a preventative maintenance programme. In essence, algorithms and analytics monitor sensor data and look for deviations in a physical processes normal operation, e.g. wear and tear in a water sluice’s mechanical components, or even damaged wiring for the pump.
A sensor fusion algorithm merges data from different sensors, and associated analytics determine whether a component’s characteristic is normal for its age – any deviations outside ‘normal operation’ are fed back to the master system as potential sources of failure.

In some cases, preventative maintenance may not be possible, but the algorithms are still able to inform the master system that a component is defective. One such example, is street lighting, where information pertaining to the state (condition) of the illumination element (LED or lamp) can be monitored and relayed back to the master system if its defective.

ASN Solutions

ASN’s range of algorithms, analytics and security solutions for sensor technology have played in pivotal role in reducing risks, maintenance costs while maintaining a high quality service for a number of infrastructure projects including water, rail, lighting and buildings.

All solutions are built on tried and tested industry standard Arm Cortex-M devices, and by virtue of our close collaboration with Arm, we are able to provide our clients with the latest solutions built with the best of today’s technology.